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We aren't perfect, by ANY means, but we know our family has discovered UNIQUE concepts and ideas that are sure to unify families all over the world.

The best thing is- IT'S FREE! We are here to show you what our family has done and are super excited to share it with YOUR FAMILY!

First, you need to know what FAMILY PRIDE is- so click on the next tab ----->

Second, we encourage you to read our most popular blog posts, especially "7 Steps To The Candid Approach."

And last, we believe that doing challenges as a family will build unity and teamwork! So check out our Family Challenges and join in on the process of becoming stronger--in every way!



We're talkin' about a 






Yes. Just like a college or university- or any school for that matter.

We have FAMILY PRIDE and created our song, chant, motto, and crest together.

Sound silly? Yeah, we understand. But trust us when we say this:


We are here to help you get started creating and discovering YOUR family pride.

You are in for an adventure and one you'll never regret and definitely never forget- it will be engrained in your children's minds forever (that is exactly what we want)!


26 short stories, works of historical fiction, that will introduce you to heroes who put virtue in action. This book gives you a chance to learn some history, add to your vocabulary, and find ways you can improve in your own life. This book targets a slightly older audience. Teenagers will love learning about Leonidas, Alexander the Great, Audie Murphy, and more. Amelia Earheart, Marie Curie, and Nelson Mandela will inspire you to overcome insurmountable odds.

26 powerful examples of virtues from history. Teach your children about important virtues like Audacity, Grit, and Candor. Your kids will love the pictures and learning real-life stories, maybe as much as the parent will enjoy it! Children and parents alike will learn and enjoy these bedtime stories. At the end of each chapter use it as a workbook to write down goals to strengthen that virtue!

Would you like to color a picture of some of history's most iconic heroes? Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Audie Murphy, Ben Franklin, Helen Keller, Marie Curie, there is a hero for every child.

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