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We aren't perfect, by ANY means, but we know our family has discovered UNIQUE concepts and ideas that are sure to unify families all over the world.

The best thing is- IT'S FREE! We are here to show you what our family has done and are super excited to share it with YOUR FAMILY!

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We're talkin' about a 






Yes. Just like a college or university- or any school for that matter.

We have FAMILY PRIDE and created our song, chant, motto, and crest together.

Sound silly? Yeah, we understand. But trust us when we say this:


We are here to help you get started creating and discovering YOUR family pride.

You are in for an adventure and one you'll never regret and definitely never forget- it will be engrained in your children's minds forever (that is exactly what we want)!



"Life is better and much happier 

as hearts turn toward family

 and as families live by VIRTUES."



26 powerful examples of virtues from history. Teach your children about important virtues like Audacity, Grit, and Candor. Your kids will love the pictures and learning real life stories, maybe as much as the parent will enjoy it! This is a childbook twist where both child and parent will learn and enjoy a bedtime story.


  • Story Teller- 5 Steps to a Rock-Star Bedtime Story

    I was going to optimize every minute I had with my kids and telling them a bedtime story was on the top of the list. However, I started getting complacent....

  • 3 Old School Rules for Family Financial Success!

    When a family has its finances in order (i.e. they spend less than they earn, remain out of debt, have some emergency funds, and invest for the future) they open up a world of opportunity.  ...

  • How to Develop Your Family Compass

    Although we may sometimes feel lost, without a solid reference to guide us toward success and lasting happiness, there are things we can do to stay on track—we can develop a family compass. ...

  • Be Candid

    Be Real. Be Candid.

    When you can let go of that picture perfect expectation and proudly be candid, you can begin to mold and fortify your family like never before....

  • Love Every Family Member And Reach Out

    The kids smiled at the last memory.  Then Rayce said, “But you aren’t his kid.” It was true, I wasn't his kid. But Uncle Mike loved each family member- even his extended family. He watched and cared for us all....

  • How Family Dinners Strengthen Your Relationships

    How Family Dinners will FORTIFY and STRENGTHEN Your Family: Your children will be less likely to abuse drugs, try alcohol, and smoke cigarettes. Your children will be smarter... ...

  • Strengthen Your Family With The Fitness Challenge

    Our family loves fitness! We love pushing ourselves past our limits and I am excited to focus our efforts on FAMILY fitness with this challenge! Will it make us stronger?...

  • Would No TV Strengthen Your Family? Our Results!

    Let me just admit up front, no TV was hard. But, at the same time, it was--unexpectedly--perhaps the MOST rewarding! How would your family do?...

  • Overcoming Family Challenges Fortify Us

    Our family would not survive deployments and numerous challenges if we did not act as one. We needed to have a goal, focus, and purpose to unite us....

  • Screen Time- Don’t Succumb to the Screen Machines

    The average human consumes about 150 hours of screen time a month. Let's let that sink in for a minute. 150 hours a month. 5 hours a DAY. What could your family do with all that time?...

  • Think Candid- Eliminate Fear and Take Action

    I had butterflies because I really wanted to say something to her but my fears were starting to consume me. I thought to myself, “You either do it, or you don’t. If you don’t, you will have no friends and live a horrible lonely life.” I simply turned to her and asked.....

  • Stronger Is Better- Consistent Action for Incremental Growth

    Raising children and building muscles both take dedication, both will make you sweat, and both will leave you feeling exhausted—but rewarded for your efforts....

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