You are here because you want to strengthen and unite your family! We believe the best way to do that is to SPEND TIME WITH THEM.

There is truth in the saying, "Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories."

Here we offer you a myriad of ways to spend time together and have fun. Choose an activity that is exciting and physical or try a challenge that will take hard work and discipline. Either way, we promise that if you make family time a priority in your life you will never regret it!





Channel "School Pride" into


Create a family motto, crest, chant, and song together that will unify you as a team.

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"Life is better and much happier 

as hearts turn toward family

 and as families live by VIRTUES."



ABC Virtues by Chaz Allen

Bedtime Stories with a Purpose! Coming Soon...


  • 8 Ways to Transform Your Family Lifestyle for Success

    Before we moved to Kansas we read about Dr. Roger Walsh’s research into the 8 TLCs—Transformational Lifestyle Changes— and we decided we were going to pursue goals in each arena. After a year of effort, we are 100% believers that these changes made our family stronger and closer than ever before.The best part: every single one of the changes could be implemented immediately, with no financial burd...

  • Integrity

    CHALLENGE YOURSELF This week commit to do something that you are not already doing and follow through. Some ideas are: Do your homework every single day. Clear your plate after dinner every single night.  Make sure to tell your parents you love them every single morning. Practice a new skill you are working on every single day....

  • “Ben Hur” Classic Film Movie Review


  • Kids Standing on Hands and Feet!

    We tried to be serious and FOCUS but the adrenaline rush just made us laugh. Here is raw video of our FAILS and SUCCESSES. No school equals FUN AT HOME!...

  • Circus Bridge Video

    The kids have a snow day today... so we decided to play around a little!  I had to be creative with them to keep their attention. I think this worked!  #fitness...

  • Fitness

    I love that our family enjoys exercise. We love pushing ourselves past our limits, challenging each other, and most importantly-- we love encouraging each other. Just the other day I was attempting a new personal record on my deadlift. I surprised myself and beat my last PR by 25 pounds. I was so excited, I ran inside to tell my boys. Their eyes went wide and their mouths hung open. "Holy cow, Mom...

  • Light The World

    We may never be able to comprehend how important our light is to others. But we need to stand OUT, with faith and hope that we can be a LIGHT in this world....

  • Power Lifting

    Fitness is the product of strength training (#powerlifter), cardiovascular conditioning, and proper nutrition. Transformation is a biological imperative....

  • Family Finance

    Idealistic expressions disconnecting money from happiness ignore the undeniable truth that lack of money or unwise financial decisions can significantly complicate things, damage relationships, and impede your ability to get the most out of life....

  • Screen Time WRAP UP & MOVIE

    Let me just admit up front, this one was NOT easy. But, at the same time, it was--unexpectedly--perhaps the MOST rewarding!...

  • Screen Time

    The average human consumes about 150 hours of screen entertainment a month. Let's let that sink in for a minute. 150 hours a month. 5 hours a DAY....

  • Family Dinner WRAP UP & MOVIE

    If your kids are struggling with their veggies, maybe this movie will prove to encourage and motivate them to try a little harder. I mean really, if OUR kids can do it- ANY kid can do it!! :)...