We are a military family, always adapting and molding to our surroundings. Even though change is happening all around us and life is crazy, we know one thing isn’t--our FAMILY (ok, our family IS mostly crazy). The challenges we have faced through separation, uncertainty, and everyday normal life have only made us stronger and fortified our family. We have learned to accept challenges, look them square in the eye, and conquer them together. Making fun family challenges in our everyday life has helped us to become better and stronger. We are 7 but we fight as 1!

The Wholehearted Dad or Chaz (33)

I am the proud father of 4 energetic warrior boys and 1 beautiful little princess, the lucky husband of a smokin' hot wife, a soldier and pilot for the United States Army. I'm a big fan of rock climbing, cycling, and all things strength & conditioning. I love to spend time with my family and cherish each moment that we have. Combat deployments, military training, and other separations have brought intense perspective to my life on the importance of family. My worst fear is getting so used to my family that I don't take every advantage I have, every spare moment in my life, to show my family just how much I love them. I want to live my life knowing I have given my all for the ones who matter most.

The Candid Mom or Sara (30)

I am a perfectionist turned candid Mom. My life is crazy and real. I tell it how it is because I have no energy left to filter things, including my messy house in pictures. However, my life is BEAUTIFUL. I am a mother, my dream since I was a little girl. I am sure I married the best man in the world- that is how he got me to marry my worst fear- the military. I love yoga. Bible study is one of my favorite events of the week. My other passions include eating healthy (that's a big one, since I have been a vegetable hater for the past 28 years), lifting weights with my husband, rock climbing, and doing family history. These passions or "hobbies" of mine bring me a sense of fulfillment and purpose but truly, what I love and cherish most is being that mom and wife. My biggest goal is to fortify and unite our family in such a way that my children will know, without a doubt, that we love them and that they can turn to us for anything. For everything.

Marek (8)

We thank God everyday for sending us Marek as our first child. He is the man of the house when Dad is away and he takes it seriously. He constantly is taking care of his brothers (and sister!) and especially his mom. He steps up to any challenge thrown at him and leaves us all standing in amazement. Art is his speciality as well as Tae-kwon-do and playing the piano.

Ammo (6)

This kid is full of life and love. He loves to be engaged in any physical activity and has a heart of gold. He has a keen awareness of other people and their feelings and will make sure all are happy around him. He will be the first one to run up and give you a hug. He also is our only boy so far that will admit to liking girls! When I asked him what he thought about getting a little sister he quickly responded, "Yay! I like girls!" His heart is big and is always looking for someone to love. Good thing he is good at and loves playing any sport to help distract him! :)

Raycer (5)

Just like his name he is a racer. This boy is FAST! He runs around all day long and when he isn't running he is climbing. If we can't find him we just need to look up, because that is where he will be. In a tree, in a door jam, on the counter, on the fridge. He truly is Spiderman. Raycer is the funny one. With his big eyes and spaced front teeth and the funny faces he is always making, he is the one to surely make you laugh. His favorite thing to do is play soccer where his speed and agility have made him the star of the field.

Gid (3)

The toughest boy out of them all is our youngest boy. He can withstand any blow, any crash, any pain. Blood to him is a symbol of bravery and pride. To him, crying is a weakness that he cannot afford if he wants to keep up with his brothers. However, he does have a serious achilles heel. Soft and fluffy things. His Kryptonite: a puff ball.

Journey (1)

The girl who will be protected by her 4 older brothers whether she wants it or not. She lights up our family and brought tenderness to the boys. She is our long awaited for princess. She loves to watch her brothers and already knows how to defend herself when things get too rough. She can hold her own and will continue to learn how to out of sheer survival instincts! :) Music and dancing is her abosulte favorite!

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