The Family Motto- A Must For All Ages

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If you do just one– do THIS one:

The Family Motto is the most important of the Family Prides!

What is the most important thing you want to teach your children?  

Think about what saying or phrase you want to ring in their ears for the rest of their lives.  

If you could whisper in your child’s ear everyday just one catch phrase–what would it be?

Our family motto is just one word.


It is the latin word for Integrity.  Why latin? It sounds cool.  Why Integrity? That is the attribute we want each of our children to strive for.  

When we say it as a family we start in a whisper, grunting, and banging our fits against our hearts 7 times (for each person in our family). Each time we get louder until at the end we yell, “INTEGRITIS!!”  Then follow it by a big long wolf howl. (We are a pack of wolves…we don’t mess around.)  

Seriously, the kids LOVE IT.  

Important Tip:

“If the parents love it–especially the DAD–the children will love it!”

We have our family motto hanging up in our home gym so we can see it every morning!

Family Motto

Chant vs Motto

Family mottos can also be a chant.  We have another catch phrase for our chant because we had 2 great phrases we wanted them to know. Usually we shout the motto and go straight into our chant as well.  They are two of the same but if you only choose one–have a motto.  This doesn’t have to be yelled or chanted.  You can say it everyday. You can write it in notes and letters home.  Write the saying on a paper and put it in a child’s lunch bag.  


Your children will remember it and it will start to intertwine in their hearts and mind.  

This is your goal!

Rules of thumb

  • Be brief. It shouldn’t be too long.
  • Have meaning.  Describe core values.
  • Copying is not a bad thing.  You can pull from history, scripture, a favorite team, or a military unit, etc.
  • Collaborate.  Involve your kids, they will love having a say in the decision making.

Examples Mottos

  • Duty, Honor, Country (West Point, USMA)
  • Semper Fidelis (Marine Corps “Always Faithful”)
  • De Opresso Liber (Green Berets “Free the Opressed”)
  • Fight as One (Avengers Cartoon)
  • Never Quit (Special Operations Aviation Regiment)
  • All for One, One for All (3 Musketeers)
  • Never Give Up, Never Surrender (Galaxy Quest)
  • Return With Honor (Army SERE School)

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