You either have it or you don't.

A family motto sets your family focus and unifies in purpose.
A family chant can motivate and excite children to participate in family activities. It also will build trust, unity, and love each time you shout it!
The family song should be sung at any opportune moment. Whether before bed, before school, in the car-- this is fun and unifying for the whole family.
Design and Create your family crest.


Have you ever painted your face for a football game?  How about cheered at the top of your lungs for a team? We bet you have.  Almost everyone has a school that they are proud of and almost everyone has been their number one fan.

School spirit is exciting, contagious, and unifying to the school.  If you step back and look at the big picture you may see your school-spirited-self a bit silly.  You may even ask yourself, "Why do I love this team so much? Why do I invest so much time and energy into something that is not lasting?  WHAT IF I invested my school spirit into something that truly matters?"



Your family is what matters most. Imagine if you were to channel your fun and exciting school spirit into your family.  Your kids would eat it up!  Creating a family motto, crest, chant, and song together will unify you as a team.

If your family can work, play, and love each other like a loyal team and have FUN while doing it- that is Family Pride.  If you have Family Pride your children will grow up knowing, without a doubt, WHO they are and WHAT you expect of them. They will be proud to be a part of such a wonderful and successful family.