The Family Chant- Watch Your Kids’ faces light up!

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Chants brainwash!

When a family has a chant that they shout together everyday- that family can not help but get excited and motivated to do exactly what their chant encourages.

Everyday before our kids go to school we gather together to shout our chant:

“Protect! Defend! Defeat!”  

And that is exactly what they do, everyday.  They are warrior boys and all they want to do in life are those three things.

family chant

They protect- their sister, their mom, their friends at school… they know they will NOT be bullies to anyone but protect everyone.  

They Defend- their family, their religion, their country.

They Defeat- “The Enemy!” (That’s what they say if you ask them!) Laziness, pride, impatience, Satan!… anything that tries getting in their way from being their best self.

Rehearsing this chant every morning helps them remember who they are and what is expected of them.

Call it brainwashing-

There is no shame in it! Your family chant will ring in your children’s ears forever and they will have a resolute knowledge of their identity, where they belong and what they stand for. 

Family chants can be anything!  It can even be your Family Motto that you chant and make fun.  For instance, a fun idea is to use hand actions or a team huddle when shouting it.  Chaz grew up with his family chant as, “We will serve Him! With all our heart (pound heart), might (flex), mind (tap head), and strrrrrength (flex)!”

You will know the needs of your family and children. I bet you already even have an idea of what your chant could be.  Go with it.  Remember, “If the parents love it–especially the DAD–your kids will love it!”


Your kids will watch how you present this to them and if they sense hesitation or embarrassment they will immediately catch on that this is something you don’t believe in and something to feel silly about.  Fight that urge and just be candid. In other words, be fun, enthusiastic and silly! Remember what it feels like to be a kid again!

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