The Family Crest- As Legit As It Gets

This is where things start getting LEGIT:

If you create a Family Crest you are dedicated and stinking hard core for this cause.  

A fortified family is just not complete without one.  A team is not a team without a logo! Is anything for that matter?! 

BRAND your family.

Take ownership and pride.  

Our kids were freaking out when we all sat around the table to think up and create our family crest. I mean, HARRY POTTER has one. Even Malfoy! They felt like they were celebrities getting their own crest.  Family Pride was just oozing out of them.

Don’t get overwhelmed.

Creating a crest can seem really intimidating- especially if you can’t draw worth a squat (ME)!

Don’t worry about that yet.

First things first….





Gather your family together and discuss what you want! 

Here are some ideas to brainstorm and decide:

For a traditional heraldry crest:

(This is the crest the Lesny Family created for their family!)

  • First pick an ANIMAL that will represent or guard your family.  We chose the wolf.  You can google all about animals and see which one fits your family the most. The animal will typically go on both sides of your shield.
  • Decide what you want INSIDE your traditional medieval shield.  Your last name?  The first letter of your last name? What are some important family symbols that describe your family? We have a home, mountains, a compass rose (the north star), and the pleiades constellation.
  • Usually a type of helmet or crown goes on the top of the shield and some kind of foliage surrounds it, taking up a lot of fancy space.  We chose a spartan warrior helmet (lots of boys) and tweaked the “norm” and put a second helmet- tiara- on top for our princess.  Tweak whatever you want- this is your family and your crest!
  • Choose a ribbon to go on the bottom and a word or saying that will fit inside. We put our “Family Motto” inside our ribbon.  We also chose to have the roman numeral 7 on the left side (7 members in the family) and the roman numeral 2007 (when our family was established). In addition, we also added a crown that represents Mom. Personalize!
  • Choose the colors you want your crest to have.

Or design a more modern crest like we have for our family! We have two crests, one modern and one traditional, that we like to use and display.

But, how will you draw/design it?

Maybe someone in your family is perfect for the job! Who is the artist and designer in your family? Or maybe you have a friend that can design it for you.

If not, we will be here to help you design your family crest. Reach out to us through our instagram “challengemyfamily” or email us for a Family Crest Consultation!


We want to see your crest when it is finished!! Post it to instagram and tag us @challengemyfamily.

We want to know who the die hards are out there!!


Put your Family Crest on everything! Make iron on T-shirts, hang it on your wall, make a decal for your family vehicle, make coffee mugs, posters… The options are endless! Especially if you get your crest digitized! Oh the crazy fun you can have with this. Everyone will wonder about your sanity but then they will end up wanting one, too.

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