The Family Song That Is Sung With Pride- Fortifies!

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You Gotta Bring It!

You may feel slightly silly or embarrassed to make up and sing a family song. However, don’t let your brain think that way. Just remember all the SCHOOL spirit you have and that you want to channel that same spirit into your family.

It is not anymore silly then jumping up and down in front of a tv screen.

In fact- this is quite seriously one of the best and rewarding things you can do with your school spirit.

Channel it! You can do it!

How To Make Up Your Song

When we had our first two babies our family song was the theme song to the cartoon “The Avengers.” The lyrics are perfect. We sang this all the time and I believe that is why my boys to this day are so obsessed with super heroes.

After a while we changed our family song to make it more personable to our own family unit.  

Our family animal is the wolf (see The Family Crest page). We took the tune of a school song and changed up the words a bit to fit us.  

We also have a wolf hand sign that we use with each chant, song, and kiss.  Even our 18 month old gives wolf kisses and LOVES it.  She can even sing the tune of the song and says some words.  

Family Pride will be felt even in the littlest children!


The lyrics of our song goes like this:

(Last name) pack! Be loyal and true!

Stand for the right in all that you do!

Honor our name our future is bright,

Victory is ours through truth and might!

Whatever will come our way,

(Last name) pack will pass the test!

Let our voices be heard as we shout of the words,


So take a song, sing it just like it is or change it up a bit. If you are extremely musically talented, make it up from scratch!  

You’ll want to sing this song wherever you go. In the car, morning and night, hum it during the day… your kids will hear you humming and start singing it at the top of their lungs.  Our family sings it every night, followed by our chant and motto.

My kids won’t let us go to sleep without singing it. Even my 9 and 11 year old boys demand it- no joke! We can’t stress enough how much children just LOVE THIS! You just can’t deprive them of it! 🙂


AGES 0-7

Start ’em when they’re young! Families who implement family pride while they have younger children are at an advantage. If they grow up doing this it will be completely normal to them and they will love it.

AGES 8-12

If you have kids ages 8-12 they will usually do it depending on the parents. The parents set the tone and if they think it is silly or get embarrassed by it, the kids will do the same. But if the parents LOVE it, the kids usually will follow suite.

AGES 12+

When starting family pride with kids ages 12+ it may be more challenging.  Consider writing words to a song with your older kids and then put it on a wall or fridge for them to see each day. They may not want to sing it, but the process of writing a family song and determining what you stand for as a family is quite priceless. At the very least, make sure to have a family motto. Say it all the time, sign your name to it in emails and letters. Unite together in your family cause!


If you have a bunch of kids scattered around in age, encourage the older ones to make it fun for their siblings! Let them take charge and remind them how important it is for the little ones to have fun with it. You could even direct them to and have them research this all on their own! Once they see how beneficial this all is to families- who knows- they may just jump right on board with it all and take initiative to create your family pride on their own!


The sky is the limit with where you want to take FAMILY PRIDE.

Individualize it to your family.

Every families will be different and unique! But the results will be the same.

Families will be strengthened and unified and then you will be ready to take on some pretty awesome family challenges we have waiting for you! 🙂

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